Keep Your Child’s Ears Healthy for Better Hearing Health

During the first few years of life, good hearing skills are so important for developing good awareness of speech sounds. When children have chronic ear infections, sounds are distorted, and it can impair their development of accurate speech sound production.

Here are some tips for keeping ear infections to a minimum:

Practice Good Hygiene

sink-400276_640Clean hands prevent the spread of germs. Make it a habit to regularly wipe down door handles, light switches, and other high traffic areas with an antibacterial cleanser.

Push Fluids

Any time your child has a cold or ear infection, encourage him to drink plenty of fluids, especially water, to thin out mucous to promote drainage.

Use it Up

bottle-146999_640According to the Mayo Clinic, antibiotics may not be necessary to clear up an ear infection, but when antibiotics are prescribed, make sure your child takes the full dose. Taking partial doses can weaken—but not kill—the bacteria. Weakened bacteria can mutate and develop immunity to antibiotics, making them more difficult to wipe out in the future.

Consider More Aggressive Treatment

If your child has repeated ear infections, he may be at risk for delayed speech and language acquisition. Ask your pediatrician if pressure equalization tubes would help to lessen the recurrence of the infections.

Rose Godfrey

Rose Godfrey

Rose Godfrey is a speech pathologist, writer, world traveler, and mom of 12.She earned her Masters Degree from California State University, Chico. Rose is licensed as a speech pathologist in several states and she holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
Rose Godfrey

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