Have a Communication Question? Ask a Speech Pathologist

Introducing: Ask a Speech Pathologist!!Have a communication question-

Today I’m really excited to post about a new little project I have in the works. When I get to know people, I often get asked questions about speech and language issues. Sometimes people are hesitant to ask, and I get that, but I really do enjoy talking about speech pathology.

I also really enjoy traveling, and our family has been doing quite a lot of that over the past two years.

Combining my passion for family training, talking about speech pathology, and traveling just seems like a natural extension of all of those interests coming together. And what could be more fun than traveling with my family and then taking time out to stare into a camera screen so I can talk about speech? Exactly.

Right now you are either geeking out with me, realizing how much fun this is going to be or you are shaking your head and realizing that I’ve just revealed my inner nerd to you all.

I’m fine with that.


This really is going to be fun.

This week, I posted from Maryland. We got snowed in here for a few days, fortunately we were staying with some really great friends. We’d hoped to be going into DC to see the Lincoln Memorial since we missed it on our last visit here, but we had to put that off for another time.

For my first video, I am sharing about the technique of “first/then” which I find to be a really great method for improving understanding and reducing frustration in kids who are not really (yet) able to fully reason out how sequencing works.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Send me your questions!

I am really interested in what questions you may have, so if you have been wondering about speech and language development or trying to decipher what your toddler has to say or just trying to figure out what is typical language development, please leave me a comment here or on the Talk About Speech Facebook page. I’ll be putting together some more videos in the next few weeks—in a few new locations, of course.

Rose Godfrey

Rose Godfrey

Rose Godfrey is a speech pathologist, writer, world traveler, and mom of 12.She earned her Masters Degree from California State University, Chico. Rose is licensed as a speech pathologist in several states and she holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
Rose Godfrey

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